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Skills and Traits of a Good Child Therapist in Wyoming

If you live in the state of Wyoming, then you have probably heard about the large amount of people who wish to become child therapists. The main reason for this increased interest in the field is because, of course, child therapists are known for bringing home some very lucrative and impressive salaries. In addition to their high pay rate, child therapists also enjoy wonderful job security. This is something that is becoming increasingly important in today's world, where people are constantly and consistently getting laid off from their jobs, no matter how skilled or qualified they may be.

The sad thing, though, is that because of the wonderful job security and high pay rate of child therapists in the state of Wyoming, all of the wrong people are going into the field. It is important to note that child therapy is a demanding and intense area. After all, as a child therapist, you will be dealing with the serious and often quite disturbing problems of young children and adolescents on a daily basis. For this reason, those who are not in the job for the right reasons or who, worse yet, only care about that nice paycheck they will bring home at the end of the day, often become very disillusioned and soon quit the job they've worked so hard to obtain.

In order to help you to avoid making such a huge mistake and, consequently, wasting a great deal of your valuable time, money, and effort, we've compiled a list of some of the most important skills and traits a child therapist in the state or anywhere really should possess. While it is definitely not necessary—or even possible—for one person alone to have all of these characteristics and attributes, if you find, as you read, that you are missing several of them, then you might want to spend some serious time thinking and reconsidering whether or not this field is the best choice for you.


Being hardworking and diligent is, quite obviously, a very important trait for any successful child therapist to have. Without this trait, it is virtually impossible to even be able to work in the field. Getting the education alone that it requires to become a child therapist takes a lot of work. Even the most entry level positions in the field will require at least a bachelor's degree, which takes about four years to earn. For a more prestigious position and in order to become a licensed therapist in the state, you will need an additional one to three years of schooling, not to mention all of the work that it takes to achieve licensure. Then, if you decide to pursue a doctorate degree, than can be as much as seven more years of schooling, Plus, once you finish school, the work is really just beginning. The working life of a child therapist is not an easy one, and you have to truly be committed to what you are doing in order to find success in the field.


It might seem surprising, since most people think of therapists as being so caring and loving, but the ability to distance yourself from your work is one of the very most important traits a successful child therapist can have. Dealing with troubled children and their even more troubled home lives day in and day out can really take its toll on an overly sensitive person. In order to be a good child therapist, you must know how to leave your work at work and live your home life at home. If you carry the weight of your patients' problems with you at all times, then you will very easily get burnt out and not be able to do your job correctly.

So, yes, it is important to be kind, patient, a good listener, understanding, and capable of working with and understanding children, but the ability to step away and be your own person, outside of work, is equally important to your success. Remember too that it is incredibly important to be a lifelong learner, always open to changing your views and expanding and opening your mind.