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Child Therapy Job Outlook in Rhode Island

Because Rhode Island is such a small state, you might be tempted to think that there are not many opportunities available for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of child therapy. This, however, is not the case at all. In fact, Rhode Island has a serious need for qualified child therapists, and there are tons of positions just waiting to be filled by the right individuals. The problem isn't that there are not people interested in becoming child therapists; the problem is that there are not many people willing to do all of the work it takes to become one. If you're the exception to this rule, and can commit yourself to pursuing the education and other training a job in the field will require, then you can most definitely land a job.

One of the best things about the child therapy job market in the state of Rhode Island is that, because there is such a need for qualified and highly trained child therapists, those who meet these important criteria get snatched up for jobs almost instantly. It is extremely common for recent graduates in the state to end up being hired by the workplace at which they complete their internships. Furthermore, the average child therapy graduate will only spend an average of one month looking for a job, quite the impressive feat in today's very troubled economy, where professionals in other fields, even those who are highly qualified, can end up waiting six months or more for a job to open up, and then must face heavy competition to get the positions they're after.

What's even better about being a child therapist in Rhode Island is that you can expect the effort you've put into pursuing your dream career to pay off big time. Child therapy is currently one of the most highly paid fields in the state. The main reason for this is because, since child therapists are so difficult to come by, employers want to make sure they keep the therapists that they find. This means you'll likely get an excellent starting pay. Plus, you should have no problem earning raises and promotions and thus advancing up the professional ladder quite quickly.

Yet another great thing about the field in Rhode Island is that you'll have a wide range of choices when it comes to finding exactly what you want to do in child therapy. Positions are open and highly needed for all different kinds of careers. Whether you want to become a school system child therapist, to open your own child therapy practice, to work in the practice of another professional, to work in the court/legal system, to work in child protective services, or even to work in a research capacity, you should have absolutely no problem finding and qualifying for the position that you really want.

So, now that you know how wonderful the job outlook is in the state, there's nothing left to do but to begin pursuing your education. Even though Rhode Island has an intense need for child therapists, they won't take just anybody. You will need a degree from an accredited college or university and, if you plan to practice actual therapy you will also need to obtain a license from the state in order to do so. The good news, however, is that Rhode Island is home to a ton of wonderful colleges and universities, as well as many online colleges and universities that can help you to earn your degree in no time at all. Plus, if you're already working in the field in some capacity, more and more employers are willing to pay for all or part of the expenses of sending their workers back to school for more education.

You can begin working in the field right away with only a bachelor's degree in an area like child psychology, general psychology, child development, or sociology/ social work. With some of these degrees, you might need certification to supplement your education, but these can be earned in no time. To actually practice therapy, though, just remember you'll need at least a master's degree. Once you've got the right education, then you're all set to get to work!