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Child Therapy Job Outlook in North Dakota

If you live in the state of North Dakota and are interested in possibly pursuing a career in child therapy, you'll be happy to know that there is no better time than now to do so! Even in today's very troubled economic climate, where professionals in all kinds of different fields are getting laid off left and right, there is still a high demand for qualified child therapists in the state. The problem is with that word qualified. While many people want to be child therapists, few are willing to work hard and do everything it takes to become child therapists. If you can be the exception and put in all of the effort it takes to become a child therapist, then you'll enjoy a lucrative, prestigious, and most important of all, secure career in the state of North Dakota.

Before you commit yourself, however, do take some time to research different careers in the field. You can be a clinical children's therapist, a therapist in the school system, a therapist who specializes in a particular problem or disorder affecting young people, a therapist who works with the family unit as a whole, a therapist working in the foster care or course system, or any one of a wide variety of other job titles. Any job that you choose, however, will have certain requirements that must be met, and you'll want to be sure that you understand and are willing to commit to these in their entirety before you get started.

In general, the two most important things you can have for a career in children's therapy is the right level of education and experience in an area very closely related to the job you ultimately want to possess. For any type of work whatsoever in the field you will absolutely need to possess at least a bachelor's degree. These degrees can be earned in around four years in related fields such as child psychology, child development, general psychology, sociology, and social work. With them, you can take on entry level positions in the field, such as child therapy assisting. Or, you can choose to teach child psychology at the high school or college level with further training, or to work in some other capacity that doesn't require you to perform actual therapy. It generally helps if you obtain certifications in specialized areas pertaining to the job that you wish to do.

In order to actually practice, therapy however, you must have at least a master's level degree, as well as a license to practice therapy. You can earn a master's degree in around one to three years after receiving your undergraduate degree. The amount of time the licensure process will take will depend heavily upon the exact job you are seeking to have. You might also consider a doctorate degree, which will enable you to earn the highest possible pay in the field and to virtually land any child therapy job that you desire.

Once you have an education that enables you to achieve your career goals, your next step is to gain some real world experience in the field. The best way to do this is by taking on an internship. Internships, which may be paid or unpaid, provide you with an opportunity to actually work in the field. If you're lucky, you'll be working in a capacity very similar to your actual dream job. Not only do they provide you with an excellent way to build up your resume, but they also help you to determine whether or not that dream job is actually right for you.