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What Types of Child Therapists are in New York?

In the large and very beautiful state of New York, you can find a wide variety of child therapists. These child therapists will not, as you might think, all work in the exact same manner or even in similar atmospheres. That's because, surprisingly, child therapy is a very flexible career field to go into. Some child therapists work in their own practices, while others spend their days working with children in the school system or who have found themselves to be wards of the state. For those who enjoy being able to do a wide variety of different things in their careers and who don't like being tied down or feeling stuck to one particular job, child therapy is an excellent field to go into. In an effort to show you just how flexible the field is, we've outlined and discussed just a few of the many different types of work child therapists perform in the state.
  1. Clinical and Counseling Child Therapists: Clinical and counseling child therapists are by far the most common types of therapists in the state. They work in the way that most people imagine "therapists" working, meaning they visit with their young patients one on one to help them work through certain problems or changes in their lives. As opposed to the talk therapy most often utilized with adults, however, child therapists might play games or draw pictures with their clients in an effort to try and understand their thoughts and feelings. These therapists are responsible for diagnosing clients with necessary, creating treatment plans or plans of action to better their clients life or to improve or treat their conditions, and then working through those plans during sessions with the patients and keeping track of progress. They may also be required to make referrals when they feel they are unable to treat a child and to report suspected child abuse and neglect to the proper authorities. These therapists might work in their own practices or in the practices of others.
  2. Family Therapists: Some therapists choose to work with not just the troubled child, but with the entire family of that child, believing that problems that the child may have are indicative of issues in the family as a whole. While the child therapist's main focus will be on bettering the life of the child, he or she will also work on improving family dynamics and family communication. Like clinical and counseling child therapists, these professionals often work in office type settings and may have their own practices or work in the practices of others.
  3. School System Therapists: Many New York therapists choose to work in the public school system or in a particular private school. There, their job is to tend to the needs of the students that are a part of the school. While they may perform regular sessions with troubled students, they might also diagnose learning disabilities, help students who are dealing with bullying or having problems with their teachers, or work on a number of other problems that arise within the school setting.
  4. Research Therapists: Many children's therapists work in more of a research capacity. Their job then is to conduct or create studies that can lead to important developments or proofs in the therapy and psychology field. They might also write books on their findings or case studies or even publish articles regularly in academic journals in the field. Generally, these professionals have previously worked as clinical therapists or they may still work in these capacities. Their main goal is to change the therapy world for the better.