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Child Therapy Jobs in Kentucky

It's no secret that the economy is bad all throughout the United States of America. The beautiful state of Kentucky has been hit particularly hard, with people getting laid off from their jobs left and right. In all of this chaos, however, the field of child therapy remains surprisingly stable. For whatever reason, today's children and adolescents have a multitude of problems that they need help and guidance to sort their way through. Because of this, qualified child therapists are in demand throughout the entire state. There are tons of desirable positions, and not nearly enough people to fill them. As such, if you've been considering a career in child therapy, there is no better time than now to enter into the field.

In fact, right now, a quick online search will yield tons of job openings for the right individuals. Currently, there is a position available for a lead assessment clinician at the Jewish Hospital and St. Mary's Healthcare in Louisville; a children's social worker at Coventry Health Care, also in Louisville; part time faculty at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond; a children's analyst at The Nielson Company in Covington; a children's mental health associate at Norton Healthcare in Louisville; a sales force effectiveness manager in Deloitte; a licensed psychologist at the Commonwealth of Kentucky in Pewee Valley; a clinical children's psychologist at Catalyst Professional Services in Fort Knox; a customer resource specialist at the Apollo Group in Louisville; a children's advocate at IAP Worldwide Services in Fort Knox; outreach workers all throughout Bridgehaven; children's therapists at Ben Secours Health Systems in Ashland; impact plus children's clinicians at KVC Health Systems, Inc. in Lexington; field service coordinators at WellCare in Bowling Green; children's case managers at Seven Counties Services in Louisville; general children's counselors at NeuroRestoratives in Paducah; children's mental health associates at the Jewish Hospital and St. Mary's Healthcare in Louisville; and a children's occupational therapy assistant at the United States Army Medical Department in Fort Campbell.

If there are that many positions available in today's troubled economic climate, just imagine the opportunities that will open up when the economy reaches a better state! Of course, not just anyone is eligible for these positions which offer the opportunity to change the life of a child or even many children for good. Only those who have the right combination of training and education will be eligible for these lucrative and prestigious positions within the field.

If you are serious about earning one of these great careers, then you need to embark upon your training right now. The lowest level degree necessary to work in the field is a bachelor's degree, which can be earned in as little as four years or less. More prestigious positions and even licensure and certification are available for those with a master's degree, which takes around one to three years on average to complete after earning an undergraduate degree.

Those who really want to open themselves up for the absolute best positions in the field will go so far as to pursue a doctoral level degree. These degrees, which earn you a PhD, can take a while to earn, often as long as seven years, but they are typically completed while you are already working and gaining experience in the field. They are an excellent way to propel yourself to an even better job in the field or even to make more money at your current position. So, if you are truly serious about getting one of the great jobs listed above or being promoted at your current workplace, then consider taking your education to the next level today.