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Child Therapy Careers in Iowa

Many Iowa residents are interested in pursuing a career in child therapy. One of the main reasons for this is because child therapy is, quite obviously, one of the most stable career fields to go into in today's troubled economy. In a world where other professionals are being laid off right and left, child therapy jobs are constantly becoming open, especially in Iowa, and qualified professionals are in very high demand. Another great thing about the field is that there isn't just one way in which you can choose to work. Child therapists can work in wide variety of different settings and positions.

The most common way in which child therapists work is as clinical therapists in private practices. These practices can be owned by other professionals in the field, or some lucky and enterprising professionals even own and operate their very own practices, where they make the rules! Clinical therapists are what most people think of when they think of "child therapists." They have their own offices and work one on one with their young clients and their parents to diagnose problems, create treatment plans or plans of action, and then to work toward achieving the goals laid out in those plans. These therapists enjoy the freedom of setting their own hours and their own rates and of working as often or as little as they prefer. Professionals working in this capacity, and in most other areas in the field, will generally have master's degrees at the very least.

Some therapists also work with children who have found their way into the state system in one way or another. They might work with children in foster care or with children or teens being housed in group homes. They can help children to get out of abusive or neglectful situations, work for their benefit in the court system, or even help them to make the transition from foster care or group homes to being adopted members of loving, functional families.

Other children's therapists choose to work in the school system. Here, they might work in one particular school, visiting with troubled or "at risk" students and helping them to achieve maximum levels of success in their young lives and beyond. They might also help troubled classroom or teachers to find peace and to function better in a way more conducive to learning, or they may even preside over other school psychologists.

Some therapists work with not just children, but with the entire family. Families that have been affected by substance abuse, emotional or physical abuse, divorce, the death of a loved one, or other painful issues of life can learn to function once again and to find peace through the help of a family therapist. Here, therapists may give special focus to the young people involved, but their main goal is to help the family function better as a whole. Obviously, there are many different capacities in which a child therapist can work. The important thing is to find the right one for you!