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Child Therapy Training

Becoming a child therapist requires a lot of training and hard work. Dedication and perseverance are two things that one will need to have in order to make it. A deep desire to help children to overcome the obstacles that life has thrown before them is a mandatory trait that one must have in order to become a child therapist.

Before training to become a child therapist begins, one must have already completed at least a four year degree in some psychology or psychiatry related field. The most relevant fields of study would include child psychology or psychiatry, nursing, or social work. The study of early childhoodchild therapist training development is also definitely a plus when training to become a child therapist. Once a degree is earned then training specific to becoming a child therapist can begin.

The additional schooling necessary for one to become a child therapist is very readily available throughout the US and most of the world. There are any number of educational institutions that offer classes online for those individuals who may already be working and do not have time to actually physically attend classes. There are some programs that allow for some classroom attendance while the majority of the class is taken online. Whatever the student's situation, there is an educational facility that can meet each individuals needs in completing the required courses to obtain certification to become a child therapist. One only needs to look for and then apply for a program that is suitable. Not sure what program options are right for your situation? Try speaking to a school counselor to get ideas about how to structure a training program that will fit your needs and allow you to fulfill the requirements necessary to become a child therapist.


While it is necessary to take specific courses, i.e. book training, it is also necessary for students to get practical hands on experience in training to become a child therapist. Students may gain some hands on experience during their training, but those who desire more may consider the following. The easiest way to do this is to volunteer your time assisting a licensed child therapist. This way, you can see first hand what a licensed child therapist's office practice is like. Taking an internship somewhere, like a hospital or clinic, is another good way to gather some valuable hands on experience. There is hardly ever a shortage of need for volunteers when it comes to helping young children. One could even consider volunteering to shadow a social worker to gain better insight into how families with dysfunctional children work and cope with their children's problems.

Once you have gained the proper practical experience and have had the proper training, you will then be ready for the certification process. Once certified, you are free to set up your own practice or join in another doctor's practice. Either way, you'll be ready to start helping children by being a child therapist.