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Child Therapist Salaries

Once you have completed the training required to become a child therapist and you have received the proper license and or certification, you must then decide where and how you would like to practice child therapy. This decision will affect the outcome of how much money you will earn in your career as a child therapist.

There are many avenues one can go down in their career as a child therapist. Some individuals will choose to go the private practice route, while others will choose to stay in the public system and work for an institution such as a hospital or clinic. Both ways you can go will earn you a decentchild therapist salary living. it all depends on where you feel you may do the most good. Some people feel that remaining in the public system will allow them a better opportunity to see, diagnose, and treat a wider variety of conditions and cases. Whereas, in private practice one may be better able to take on the cases that are better suited to their skill strengths. We'll examine the differences in each option in the next segment.


Child therapists who are working in their own private practice settings stand to make more money than those who are working in public practice. Private practice therapist have the choice of setting the rates they wish charge to patients. They also have the ability to decide when they will work and how much they will work, further giving them control over how much they can earn. In private practice, the sky is practically the limit. One can earn as much as they like as long as they are willing to work. Private practice child therapist also have the option of which patients they take and which ones they don't, which can be a good thing. Realistically, a child therapist with his or her own private practice can expect to make $100,000 a year and more, again depending on how much they want to work.

Public practice, or working in a hospital, clinic, institution, or school pays significantly less, more often than not. A lot of the public practice places are state or government run or funded so employee salaries may be less than expected, although they will still most likely be higher than average. A child therapist working in a hospital can expect to earn roughly $50,000 a year or more. Working in a school will earn a child therapist slightly more on average, around $55,000 to $65,000 a year.

The child therapist's location will also play a part in how much they can expect to earn each year. Practices in larger cities with larger population bases can obviously expect to earn more as they will likely see more patients than someone in a smaller area with a smaller population base.

Overall, a child therapist can expect to make at the very least around $50,000 a year, with the higher end private practice therapists making over $100,000 a per year.