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Child Therapy Certification

Taking an interest in child therapy is the very first step in becoming a child therapist. Becoming a child therapist requires a fair amount of schooling to obtain the proper degrees needed for board certification as a child therapist. Many people who become child therapists have had previous backgrounds working with children. Teachers and school counselors often make the best child therapists as they have a good deal of experience in working with children just about everyday and they naturally have a desire to help children.

Anyone can become a child therapist, though. All it takes is the desire to help children overcome the difficulties they may be experiencing as they grow up. Every child experiences some difficulties when growing and the vast majority don't need therapeutic intervention. But for those children who do child therapist certificationneed help, the child therapist is their lifeline back normal living and a happy childhood.

Child therapists will go through an extensive amount of training before becoming certified to treat patients. A number of years of schooling is required and a higher education degree, usually a Master's but not always, in some field of psychology or psychiatry is needed. There is also a certain amount of practical, hands on experience that will be required, as well. That kind of hands on experience is best gained through internships or by volunteering one's time in hospitals, clinics, or other institutions where children are being treated for personality disorders and other psychological disorders.


After finishing all of the schooling and training needed to become a child therapist one will need to seek out the proper certifications in order to practice child therapy. Each individual state has it's own specific requirements for board certifications. Some states will have a requirement for certification as just a psychologist or psychiatrist and then you may go ahead and set up your practice and begin your career as a child therapist. Other states, however, may require specialized certifications in order for an individual to practice child therapy.

All states require an individual who will be practicing any for of therapy to be properly licensed. This process may include showing proof of your education, i.e. your degrees in the specialized field you have chosen. You may also be required to present yourself before a certification board in order to give cause for why you should be certified. Much like presenting a thesis when going for a doctorate, you will need to be prepared to show the board what you have learned and that you are knowledgeable and ready to begin a career as a child therapist. You should be prepared to defend your position just as you would defend a thesis.

After you have passed the board's approval, you will be granted a license and or certification to carry out the practice of child therapy. The first step to this ultimate approval and certification, is finishing your schooling and getting the proper experience so that you will be fully prepared when it comes time to face the certification board.