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Child Therapy Careers

There are many reasons why someone would want to become a child therapist. If you like kids and you would like to help them to deal with and overcome their problems, then being a child therapist could be the right career path for you. If you have had experience working with children in the past and you are looking for a way to get back into the field, then becoming a child therapist may be the opportunity you've been looking for. More than ever, the field of child therapy needs good people to step up and help take care of the kids who can't take care of themselves.

Being a child therapist also entails helping families to cope with and help the child who is suffering from whatever problems they may have. In essence, a child therapist also treats a patients family, even if only by proxy. Teaching parents and families how to help their child is an essential part child therapy careerof a child therapist's job. Equipping the family to cope with their loved one's illness or problem is just as important as helping the child.


A child therapist has many options available to him or her in regards to where they will practice child therapy. Some individuals may choose to open up private practice, where patients and their families seek out the therapist for one on one diagnosis and treatment. Private practice therapists may have stand alone offices or they may have an office in a building or complex with other doctors or therapists. A setting like that can be beneficial for a child therapist as they are likely to receive referral patients from other doctors in the building or complex. A child therapist working in a private practice is more apt to have patients who receive long term treatment.

Some child therapists may prefer to work and practice therapy in institutional type settings. Hospitals and clinics often have a child therapist in residence to deal with and treat any children who may come in and need help. Social service departments will refer children to these hospitals and clinics to be seen by the staff child therapist. Therapists working in hospital and clinic settings may or may not see and treat patients in the long term. There are many opportunities available for the child therapist to work in hospital or clinic type settings.

Wherever and however you choose to practice child therapy, you should always remember that you aren't just treating an ill child, or a child with emotional problems, you are also treating their immediate families. Giving the family the necessary skills to help the child will ensure that the child in turn has the necessary skills to help themselves. Helping a child today to become the adult he or she should be in the future is what being a child therapist is all about. If this sounds like what you want to do, a career in child therapy may be just right for you.