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Behavioral Therapy Careers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma residents who are interested in pursuing careers in behavioral therapy will be very happy to know that there are lots of opportunities to do so throughout the state. Not only are there a wide variety of job openings on a consistent basis, but qualified behavioral therapy professionals enjoy excellent job security and higher pay than the average worker in the state. These reasons alone might b enough to cause you to get going pursuing your behavioral therapy career goals, but they are, in truth, not enough. If good pay and job security are all you plan to get out of your career, then it is likely not for you.

Behavioral therapy is a demanding career that requires its workers to be incredibly hardworking, ethical, patient, understanding, kind, good listeners, organized, and to be motivated out of a true desire to help people. Furthermore, successful behavioral therapists—the ones who keep from getting burnt out or overwhelmed—are those who can leave their jobs at work at the end of the day and who can distance themselves from their patients somewhat. This is just one of those jobs where you truly can’t take your work home with you, or it can become emotionally draining.

Those who know all of this and who still want to pursue careers in behavioral therapy might actually stand a chance at success in the field. While there are many wonderful behavioral therapy jobs and of all different types, it’s best if you pick one and then stick with it for as long as possible. Jumping around and having new experiences in many different career areas in the field might be tempting, but staying with one particular area of expertise will help you to build your resume and to further increase your chances of getting hired; it’s just picking that area that is difficult!

Some behavioral therapists, for example, work in traditional office settings where they meet one on one, face to face, with their clients. During these meetings, they will assess the patient, diagnosing any behavioral problems, create a plan of action or treatment plan to help the patient with any such problems, and will meet with the patient consistently to monitor progress and facilitate helpful discussions. These therapists can work in private practices or, after gaining experience and the funds to do so, may even open their own therapy practices.

There are other therapists who choose to work with patients who have a specific behavioral problem. Addiction or substance abuse is one of the most commonly treated behavioral issues that therapists will help their patients with. In today’s world, it is important to note that addictions are not always to alcohol or drugs. Many behavioral therapists specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, self harm, compulsive shopping, and other harmful or self destructive behaviors. Therapists who work with such issues might do their jobs in a substance abuse counseling center, a rehabilitation facility, or they may work in practices that focus only on specific  types of behavioral problems or issues.

There are therapists who are choose to work independently as well, even without owning their own practices. These “freelance” behavioral therapists often post advertisements for their services in various places or may obtain their clients through word of mouth. They will frequently travel to clients’ homes or have clients meet them at a set location for therapy. Generally, therapy sessions are less intense, less frequent, are fewer, and are less expensive than traditional therapy sessions. Independent therapists often help patients with specific and less serious behavioral problems, like nicotine or tobacco dependence and disorganization.

Even with all of the different types of behavioral therapy careers listed here, we have just scratched the surface of what behavioral therapists in Oklahoma are able to do. We suggest that you spend a large amount of time exploring your different career options within the state before you settle on one particular career goal. That way you’ll be able to obtain an accurate idea of the different positions that are available to you and will be sure to pick the one that is truly your dream job and that you can have the most long term success with.