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Choose the Right Behavioral Therapy Programs in Maine

For individuals who live in Maine and who are interested in pursuing careers as behavioral therapists, there are many wonderful educational opportunities and programs to choose from. Before going out and picking one of these great programs, however, it’s important that you understand what exactly you wish to do in the behavioral therapy field, and the educational and other requirements for doing so. A great many people are disappointed because they achieve one degree, thinking they are ready to go out and land their dream job, only to find out that it requires a higher level of education. To avoid disappointments such as these, do your research and know what is expected of you ahead of time.

You should know that most jobs in behavioral therapy will require a rigorous educational background resulting in a higher level degree. So, if you’re not willing to commit yourself to years of education and training, then you might want to rethink whether or not behavioral therapy is the right career field for you. Furthermore, you should know that only degrees from fully accredited colleges or universities count for anything. Earning a degree from an unaccredited institution is equivalent to simply showing a piece of paper to prove your capableness! So, make sure you go with a program that is fully accredited.

In addition to accreditation, you’ll want to pick an educational program that has a strong reputation for turning out hardworking, successful professionals. If your college or university is local, make sure you know what the general attitude or reputation is for professionals in your intended career field. Also, compare how your program and its graduates rank with other programs and their graduates. While you have to consider cost and many other factors in choosing an academic program, you’ll want to get the best of the best whenever possible.

Finally, when it comes to choose a degree, there are some important things to keep in mind. First of all, associate’s degree programs are virtually useless until you transfer the credits earned to a bachelor’s degree program, so keep this in mind as you study. There are no jobs that will hire you with only an associate’s degree. Also, while a bachelor’s degree may be used to earn very entry level positions in the field, it will ultimately not get you as far as you would like to go. For the best results and the most potential for success, you are going to want to pursue a master’s degree. Ideally, you’ll hold a PhD. Both of these degrees, depending upon the job you apply for and where you wish to work, can carry you far. Best of all, higher level educational programs are designed with working professional adults in mind, so you can have a family and job and still go back to school! Plus, there’s no need to start from scratch if you have an unrelated educational background; many programs are happy to accept students with diverse expertise and educations.

With that said, you’ll have a lot of programs to choose from and, with these tips, you can choose more wisely than ever. Just a few of Maine’s wonderful educational programs include a bachelor’s degree in Health Studies with a concentration in health psychology and behavior, a bachelor’s degree in public health with a concentration in health psychology and behavior, all available from Walden University;  a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from Western International University, or higher level degrees from Capella University, Kaplan University, St. Joseph’s University, and a great many others throughout the state.