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What are the Wages of Behavioral Therapists in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, behavioral therapists, on average, can expect to make about $63,000 per year. It is important to remember, however, that this salary is dependent upon several different factors, and that you may make a great deal less or more than the average salary. Of course, every person wants to make as much money as he or she possibly can and, fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you make the highest salary possible within your chosen career field. In order to help you not earn from the lower end of the spectrum, we have provided several useful tips:

1.Education is Key: If you want to make as much money as possible, then it’s quite simple: you need to have the highest level of education possible. In order to work successfully as a behavioral therapist in the state of Kansas, or anywhere else in the United States, then you’ll want to have at least a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree might land you a job assisting other behavioral therapists, but your salary will likely be much lower than the average. A master’s degree is a great start, but a PhD will help you to earn the most prestigious and the most lucrative careers in the field. Remember that many programs cater to working adults, so there is no reason to put your entire life on hold to go to school. Also, a lot of master’s degree and PhD programs will accept students with unrelated bachelor’s or master’s degrees, so you don’t always have to start from scratch.

2. Think About Where You Live: Many people who are already working in the behavioral therapy field become discouraged with their salaries and blame themselves. What a lot of these people never factor into the picture, however, and sadly don’t even stop to think about, is that where they live plays a huge role in the salary they bring home. The larger Kansas cities, for example, tend to pay their employees much more than the smaller ones. Of course, this is due in part to the fact that there is a higher cost of living in the larger cities, but it is also because of a higher demand and need for qualified behavioral therapists. We are not telling you to pick up your life and move, but if you’re feeling stuck in a small city, this is an option to keep in mind.

3.Staying Power: Whether you live in a small Kansas city or a large one, consider your own “staying power” once you start working in the field. As with any profession, the longer you stay in a particular position or with a particular company, the higher your salary will be and the more opportunity you have for advances in pay and promotions. Therefore, when you get a job you enjoy, even if it’s not what you’ve always dreamed of work hard and do your best to keep it. Sometimes, just proving you are responsible and hardworking is enough to propel you to where you want to be.