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Behavioral Therapist Programs in Idaho

For the aspiring behavioral therapist in Idaho, there are lots of wonderful educational programs that can help you to reach your career goals. The first thing you need to do, however, before beginning to research programs is to research the job itself. Far too many people go into the educational process unaware of what exactly will be expected of them once they start working and of the large amount of time they will be expected to put into their educations in order to meet with success in the field. You should find out about the many different ways in which behavioral therapists can work in Idaho and the requirements for each of those careers. That way, you can choose the best program to meet your needs.

Once you’ve done your research and are convinced that a career in behavioral therapy is right for you, it’s time to start looking for programs. Many people start with a simple associate’s degree, which can be obtained at any college in Idaho, even at community colleges, which tend to be much cheaper, and at online colleges as well. Just make sure the higher learning institution is fully accredited first. Also be aware that you will not be able to find work in the field in Idaho with only an associate’s degree. Therefore, this degree is virtually useless unless you plan to transfer your credits to an accredited undergraduate program.

An undergraduate degree, which is a general overview of what you will need to know in order to practice therapy, can be obtained in around four years, or two years if you already have your associate’s degree. Once you graduate from one of these programs, you may qualify for very entry level positions, such as a behavioral therapy assistant. Be aware, however, that these careers are not the lucrative ones most people dream of when they dream of becoming a behavioral therapist.

For those high ranking careers, you will need to have at least  a master’s degree, also from an accredited institution. The good news is that master’s degree programs are designed with working professionals in mind, so you can attend the program and work in the field to gain experience if you desire. Also, if you already have an undergraduate degree in any academic area, even if it is completely unrelated, you’ll be happy to know that many Idaho behavioral therapy programs accept students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Finally, for the very best and most well-paid positions in the field, you will want to aim for a doctoral degree, commonly referred to as a PhD. These are challenging degrees to obtain and typically require around five years of intensive study. However, they are what you want if you want to attain the highest level of success. With a PhD, you can open your own practice, work in a managerial capacity, conduct research and write books, or anything else that you dream of. The best advice is to look at a wide range of programs before deciding which one is right for you.