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Can Addiction Therapists Earn a Good Living in Wisconsin?

In today's troubled economic times, the biggest question people tend to have whenever they consider embarking on a new career path is how much money that can expect to make in that career. Well, if you're thinking of becoming an addiction therapist in the state of Wisconsin, then you're in luck. The rate earned by most working professionals in the field surpasses that of the average statewide income across all professions. And even in times when people are being laid off right and left, the addiction therapy community is not being affected. In fact, in Wisconsin and throughout the world, qualified addiction therapists are n high demand. So, there's really no better time than now to go into this field if you feel that it could possibly be a good fit for you. Do be aware, however, that you will be expected to work hard for your money and that this job is not for everyone.

Of course, some addiction therapists will make more at their jobs than others. It really all depends on your level of education, whether or not you are certified and/or licensed by the state, the area in which you live, and the place where you work. However, you will never want to choose any of these things based on the desire for more money. You should choose a place to live because you like it and a place to work because you enjoy what you do. If you arrange your whole life around the concept of making more money, then you will likely get burnt out with your career very quickly. With that said, however, there are some proven ways to make more money in your field. In general, the higher your education level, the more money you will make. For example, someone with a bachelor's degree will almost always make more money than someone who holds only an associate's degree, regardless of any other factors. The highest paid professionals in the business tend to hold master's or doctoral level degrees from accredited colleges and universities.

The only thing that can possibly earn you more money than having the right degree is having a state certification or licensure, though these two things often go hand in hand. Most certifications will require a fairly high level of education, usually at least a bachelor's degree, in addiction to experiential learning hours and passing a statewide or national test. The same is true for licensures. They can be a bit of a pain to obtain, especially if you feel like you already know the things you are being taught, but once you have them, doors open up to bigger and better positions in the field and to higher salaries.

Also, those who do their jobs in bigger cities in Wisconsin make more money than those who live in more rural areas. It's important to note that this is at least partially due to a higher cost of living in the cities, and so some of the difference in salary is owed to this. However, many larger cities also have a larger demand for qualified addiction therapists, so this also contributes to the higher pay. However, your level of experience and education can earn you far more money than a move to a new city ever could.

Finally, the single biggest factor in determining the amount of money you make is where you do your job. Those who work in hospitals or with the school system tends to make higher than the average amounts in terms of salary. Likewise, addiction therapists who work in private practices or who own their own private practices also tend to make higher amounts. Private rehabilitation workers also do quite well in terms of salary. Those who choose to work for non-profit organizations, however, or who work in group or transitional housing will often make a fair amount less than the state average.

In short, a lot of factors go into determining your salary and how good of a living you will make. You should know, however, that the most important thing with this job is to truly enjoy what you do and the people you work with.