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What is the Income for Addiction Therapists in South Carolina?

If you live in South Carolina and are planning on becoming an addiction therapist, or if you are already working as an addiction therapist in the state, then it is not uncommon for you to have questions and concerns about your own salary and to wonder if you are making at or below the average salary for the state. Currently, the average salary for an addiction therapist in South Carolina is approximately $40, 420 per year. Of course, you may make more or less than this amount, depending upon several different factors.

Factors that have an effect on the amount of money you can expect to bring home each year include the city in which you live and work, your place of employment, your educational level, whether or not you are certified and/or accredited, the amount of experience you have, experience at your company or place of business, experience at your same position, and much more. If you read through those factors again, you will see that you have control over all of them and thus that you have it within your power to make a higher salary if you so desire.

First of all, choosing the city in which to live and work is much more important than many people realize. Smaller cities in South Carolina typically do not pay the highest incomes to any professionals, addiction therapist included. In larger cities like Columbia, however, where the demand for such professionals is greater, salaries tend to be much higher. So, if you are at all willing to move from your current location, you might think about purposefully choosing a larger city in the state with a higher average salary range. Even if you don't want to opt for a full fledged move, commuting might be well worth it.

Your place of employment, not the actual city but the actual environment where you work, also plays a huge role in your salary, perhaps the biggest role of all. Professionals who work as addiction therapists in the South Carolina school systems, for example, often make as much as $60,780 per year, while those who work in halfway houses or group homes for substance abusers may make as little as $34,250. While you really shouldn't pick a career or a place of work based on salary alone, this is definitely something to consider as you apply for and look at different jobs in your area.

The level of education you possess is also an important thing to look at. Generally speaking, the higher your educational level, the higher your salary will be. Students with at least a bachelor's degree in the field, for example, tend to do much, much better than those with only an associate's degree. Likewise, those who become licensed and/or certified in the state make more than those who work in jobs that do not require licensure or accreditation. Whenever possible, you should aim for more education, even if it's just an extra course here or there. The more you know, the more valuable you will be to your boss and the more money you'll be able to take home because of it.

Finally, aim to be consistent in everything you do. When you get a job, try to stay there for as long as you can. This will benefit you both while you are working the job and after or if you leave in order to find other work. While you are there, you will have a reputation for being a loyal worker and you will be up for promotions and raises often. After or if you leave, your long time spent at a particular company will look great on a resume, making it easier for you to find alternate means of employment. Also, while you shouldn't be turning your nose down at promotions, of course, it can be a very wise idea to stay at a particular position for as long as you possibly can. The more years experience you have doing the same thing, the more of an "expert" you are deemed at your chosen job. Just as your dedication can help you both at your current job and in future ones, so can staying with the same position.