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What is the Salary in Rhode Island for an Addiction Therapist

In the state of Rhode Island, the average salary for an addiction therapist is approximately $38,620 per year. This may not seem like much at all, especially when you consider all of the training and effort that has to be put into this job, but do know that there are ways to increase your salary. First of all, just by being fully qualified for the position you are interested in, you can make more money than the average worker. Since Rhode Island is so small, employers in the state have to take what they can get. As such, they often end up hiring workers who are not as experienced or qualified in the field as they would like. If you're the exception to this rule, however, you'll be so very appreciated, and your salary will show that appreciation.

Another big way to increase your income is to have or to obtain the highest level of education possible. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to go one degree higher than the job you wish to do requires. Not only will this give you a healthy edge above the competition, but it will also ensure that you are more well paid than most other individuals doing your job. So, for example, if you want an entry-level position that requires only an associate's degree, aim for at least a bachelor's degree. Also seek certification and licensure whenever possible and take every opportunity to continue your education even after you start working in the field.

In addition to providing yourself with a good education, you'll also want to consider the city in which you live and/or work. In a small state like Rhode Island, there are a lot of small towns, and small towns aren't known for being hotbeds of high wages. If you truly want to make the most money possible, then you're going to want to work in a city, plain and simple. Those who work in Rhode Island's largest cities tend to make higher salaries than those who do not. And, with the low cost of living in Rhode Island, you truly will be making more money, not just feeling like you are because of an increased living cost.

Finally, once you have done everything you can to put yourself in the highest paying position possible, it's time to take a good long look at yourself. Look at your work ethics first. Do you always show up to work on time? Do you consistently work hard for your company? Have you made yourself indispensable to it? What are the ways in which you can improve your service at work? When you honestly evaluate yourself and your own work performance, you will likely find areas in which you can approve. Though it may not be fun to see those areas, if you can learn from then and better yourself, you can make yourself much more likely for promotions, raises, and the like.

Also remember that the longer you still at a particular job and in a particular position, the more experience you will gain. The longer you can stay, the better, because this looks great on a resume and shows future employers that you are loyal, hard working, and able of working a job consistently without problem. Plus, the longer you are with the same company or in the same position, the more opportunities this affords you for promotions and raises. In fact, many people have started small, with barely a foot in the door of a particular company, and then been able to work their own ways up from scratch.