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Why Do People Choose to be an Addiction Therapist in Ohio?

As an Ohio resident, you have likely heard about the vast number of people in the state choosing to go into addiction therapy as a career path. It is also quite likely that you have wondered why so many people are flocking to this profession as of late. There are actually many reasons for this – and many reasons why what they are doing is actually quite smart. One of the biggest reasons the addiction therapy field is attracting more individuals, both in Ohio and throughout the United States, is because there are tons of openings for qualified addiction therapists in the state. Unlike many other professions, which are laying people off left and right, the need for addiction therapists has only grown in recent years. In short, people know that if they possess the right combination of education and training in this field, they will practically be guaranteed a job for life.

Another big reason that so many Ohio residents are choosing to become addiction therapists is because of the high pay that professionals in this industry receive. While pay can vary based on many factors such as education level, licensing and/or accreditation status, years of experience, place of work, location, and the number of years at a current place of business and in a current position, professionals in the industry regularly make at or above the statewide average for all professions across the state. In these troubled economic times, this is reason enough for anybody to start thinking about pursuing a career in addiction therapy.

Aside from lucrative pay and widespread job availability, many Ohio residents choose to become addiction therapists simply because they truly want to help others. Many addiction therapists are recovered addicts themselves and want to give back the help and support they found in their own various ways. Others simply see the havoc that addiction and substance abuse can wreak on the addict's life and on his or her family and feel that they would like to help stop this vicious cycle of dependency. Though a job as an addiction therapist is a demanding one and is not one that should be rushed into lightly, it can be very rewarding personally, and many people find a lot of fulfillment in this career. Despite all of these positives, however, there are, of course, some drawbacks to working as an addiction therapist in Ohio or anywhere in the world.

First of all, addiction therapists work incredibly hard. Depending on their line of work, they may work odd hours, be on call for extended periods of time, or have extra paperwork that has to be completed outside of the office or other professional setting. Remember, too, that this comes after years of schooling and work done just to be able to work in the field. Despite the strenuous nature of the work, however, some people find it very well worth it. These people tend to be those who are just naturally suited to a career in the field.

Good characteristics and traits for addiction therapists to possess include empathy, non-judgmental attitudes, kindness, good listening skills, patience, and strong morals and ethics. If you do not possess most of these qualities, then you might not be suited to a career as an addiction therapist at this point in your life. It is also important to note that individuals who work in the field need to be both emotionally and mentally strong. Dealing with the troubled lives of addicts and substance abusers day in and day out can take a real toll on even the healthiest of individuals, so someone who is emotionally or mentally weak would not be able to deal with the stress. As an addiction therapist, a professional walks a fine line between caring about his or her patients and being able to leave the patients' problems at the office at the end of the day. Those who are unable to do this will often suffer from severe stress and may end up leaving the field eventually. If after hearing both the positives and the negatives to a career as an addiction therapist, you are still interested, then you should definitely go for it.