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Why Would You Choose Addiction Therapist in Nebraska?

If you are looking for an exciting and lucrative new or first time career in the state of Nebraska, then you should definitely think about becoming an addiction therapist. While this job is not for everyone, it is a well paying job that many people get a lot of personal enjoyment and satisfaction out of doing. Those who are best suited to the job are those who care deeply for others and want to work to better the lives of those around them and their community as a whole. An addiction therapist should be kind, compassionate, patient, a good listener, and emotionally and mentally strong. Being an addiction therapist is a demanding job that requires a great amount of dedication and a person who does not internalize the things he or she sees and deals with on a daily basis. If you think, after reading all this, that you might be up to the challenge, then it is a good idea to learn more about becoming an addiction therapist.

Even in today's troubled economic times, Nebraska is hiring new addiction therapists almost daily. There simply are not enough qualified professionals in the state to fill the vast need. As such, when a qualified individual does come along, he or she is usually snapped up right away. So, getting the proper education and training in the state is basically a guarantee that you will be employed. As further good news, addiction therapists in the state tend to make very good salaries, salaries that are well above the state average.

Another good thing about becoming an addiction therapist in Nebraska is that there are several different job titles and levels of certification from which to choose. You can become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor, a supervisor of such counselors, a provisional alcohol and drug abuse counselor, or one of many other positions in the state that do not require licensure. Each different job will have its own qualifications and requirements, so it's important that you know what you wish to do before you start down an educational or career path. Not knowing ahead of time can cause you to waste time and energy on classes or other forms of training that you do not actually need to reach your career goals and make your dreams a reality.

As a prospective addiction therapist, you'll also be happy to know that you will have a variety of choices as to where to work, depending upon your educational background and your licensing status. Some addiction therapists, for example, choose to work in either private or state hospitals, while others go to work in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, group homes or halfway houses, or even in prisons or jails. So, there are always a lot of options open to you, and you can take some time exploring different positions until you find the one that is the right fit for you and your personality. Generally, counselors and therapists who work for hospitals tend to make more money than those who work for non-profit or federally funded organizations. However, money should never be the reason you pick a particular job. A career as an addiction therapist is one that you must truly love and enjoy in order to be successful at.

If you are still not sure whether or not a career as a Nebraska addiction therapist is right for you, keep doing research. Learn more about different careers in the field and their educational and other requirements. Also speak to a career counselor or working professionals for further guidance.