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What Salary is Expected for an Addiction Therapist in Kansas?

The amount of money an addiction therapist makes in the state of Kansas varies widely depending upon several different factors. These include where the addiction therapist works, the level of experience and/or education he or she possesses, the professional's exact job title, the city in which the professional resides, and years spent at the current position and with the current place of business. Over all of the different positions available in addiction therapy, the average salary amount per year is approximately $63,000. However, those with less experience may make as little as $35,000 to $42,000 per year.

The easiest way to determine what your average salary would likely be is to look at what others doing the exact job you wish to do are currently making on average. A general addiction therapist, for example, working in the state of Kansas makes approximately $62.000 per year. Other related job titles in the field and approximate yearly salaries include medication management professionals at $147,000; chemical dependency specialists at $59,000; substance abuse counselors at $30,000; substance abuse counselors with a specialization in teenagers at $70,000; behavioral health clinicians at $69,000; behavioral health associate counselors at $42,000; treatment counselors at $33,000; chemical dependency counselors at $42,000; counseling psychologists at $76,000; addiction counselors at $37,000; social worker corrections professionals at $22,000; family services specialists at $38,000; crisis counselors at $35,000; and probation counselors at $44,000.

Of course, where you do the jobs listed above or other jobs in the field plays a large part in what you can expect your annual salary to be. Those who work in hospitals, private practices, or rehabilitation facilities tend to make the highest salaries. Those who work for non-profit agencies or organizations or who work for governmentally funded programs, however, tend to make the least amount of money. The Kansas city in which you work also tends to play a role in the amount of money you make. In larger cities, salaries tend to be higher. This is due in part to the increased cost of living as compared to smaller areas, but also because of the great need for qualified, well trained addiction therapy professionals.

Before you plan on moving or switching where you work to try and make more money, though, you should consider upping your education. The highest paid professionals in the field are those who have the highest levels of education. If you possess only an associate's degree, you are likely working an entry level position with little room to move up. By obtaining an undergraduate degree, however, you could obtain a more desirable position and start making more money right away. Those who hold bachelor's degrees can aim for master's degree, and those who hold master's degrees can aim for doctoral degrees. No matter what your educational level, you can also increase your salary in Kansas by obtaining licensure or by taking specialized certification courses that relate to your current job or to the one that you aspire to have.