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What is the average salary for addiction therapists in Georgia?

Around the United States salaries have gone up and down in recent years. The job market has dwindled and salaries have stayed at a standstill. In Georgia the situation is no different, not even for the all important job of an addiction therapist.

There are many different levels that are considered in Georgia as well as around the United States when it comes to the pay of addiction therapists and counselors. The base salary of an individual that has minimal education in the field as well as little work related experience will typically start out at a salary of around 28,200 dollars. This figure is prior to any type of bonuses as well. A bonus in this field in Georgia can fall anywhere in the range of 240.00 to 1,200 dollars. Bonuses are typically given by the employer for tenure or even exemplary work with clients.

In Georgia the more education that you have under your belt and the more experience that you have can bump up the salary quite a bit. If one has a certification as a professional addictions therapist or counselor the salary can be bumped up to about 40,400 dollars. The salaries really depend on the education and experience of an individual. The more experience and education the higher the salary.

Another factor on the salary of an addiction therapist is the type of facility that they work in. A therapist working in a government run facility that takes clients with no insurance may have pay that is significantly lower than an addiction therapist working in a private run facility who only takes patients with insurance. There are also programs at some facilities that will pay for additional certifications for their employees as well as continued education if it is obtained in the field. This can also add to the salary of an addiction therapist. Although this may not reflect as a monetary value in a paycheck it is an out of pocket expense that would otherwise be taken on by the therapist seeking such education. In turn not spending money on additional education or certifications is considered a boost in salary. After completing certifications and further education the salary of an addiction therapist may go up. Therefore a situation such as this one is a win situation, both for the therapist as well as the facilities and clients.

Georgia just like all of the other states in the U.S. is growing. The population is growing and the need for specialized addiction therapists is growing as well. Like with any job in the professional field the more you know the better the salary. Experience and education are essential if one is looking for a higher salary. Government based facilities may not pay quite as much but in these facilities there is an even bigger need for specialized therapists. The population in these facilities is higher and need just as much specialized attention as a client in a private facility. Education will ultimately equal higher salaries.