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What is the Job Market for Addiction Therapists in Delaware?

Delaware among other states has an ever growing need for addiction therapists. There are many reasons behind the need of such specialists.

Punishments for drug related crimes have changed in recent years. Many states find it more beneficial for a convicted person who has committed a drug related crime to go to a court appointed rehabilitation facility rather than prison. Prison in fact is a place for the person to get clean; however it offers no type of real intervention services. Hence, the court system is seeing it more applicable to send offenders to rehab facilities. These rehabilitation facilities have grown in recent years which means that the need for addiction therapists has grown as well.

Studies have shown that the number of counselors is about 635,000. It also has shown that the number of actual substance abuse specific counselors has reached approximately 83,000. Some of these counselors have found jobs in facilities and others with private practices. It is said that the need for this particular type of counselor will grow about thirty four percent in the upcoming years. Typically the education requirements vary for each state so in order to become a legitimate addiction counselor one would have to look at the requirements of the state. One would definitely need at the minimum a high school diploma with other specialized training.

The need for substance abuse counselors or addiction specialists is needed in so many settings that it is not very likely for the field to dwindle as far as need is concerned. These specialists not only work in the rehabilitation therapeutic settings but also private practices as and clinics. Methadone clinics have been popping up everywhere to fill the need of recovering addicts. Often times a clinic such as this will offer some type of counseling to the people coming in and out of the clinic. There is also group therapy setting such as narcotics anonymous that may have a substance abuse counselor to lead a group in therapy.

A position like this one takes a special individual who feels that they have the patience to try to change the human condition of addiction. Not everyone is right for this position which is another reason why the likelihood of employment growth is predicted. Facilities in the state of Delaware are always looking for individuals who feel that they have the credentials to fill the positions that some facilities are in desperate need of filling. Helping one with an addiction is multifaceted.

Substance abuse has become an epidemic in recent years. There has been an enormous amount of struggle and tragedy in many lives and substance abuse has been the outlet of many. Delaware, just like many other states has an ever growing need for those professionals that are willing to help those suffering with an addiction on their road to recovery. Whether it is in Delaware or any other state finding employment as an addiction counselor will be easy if you prepare yourself with the proper credentials.