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How Long does it Take to Become an Addiction Counselor in Arkansas?

An addiction counselor plays a vital role in the development and healing progress for any patient who has addictive tendencies. Addiction is a serious mental health issue and one that is broad and diverse. Some examples of addiction can include alcohol, drug, sex, gambling, food and pornography addictions. Many people struggle with developing habits that can ruin lives, including the lives of loved ones around them. As important as it for addiction patients to receive the proper counseling and in some cases, medication with their treatment, it's crucial to have the right addiction counselor by their side to motivate, education and congratulate them on their progress. If you are contemplating becoming an addiction counselor in Arkansas, there are some standard and specific things to know about this state, including how much time it takes from beginning to end to become a certified addiction counselor. Do you have an unlimited amount of time to become certified or just a year or two? The resources and commitment level at your disposal will make a difference as you embark on your educational and training in their field.

How Long does it Take?

As a standard rule for the state of Arkansas, becoming an addiction counselor takes four years. As it applies to many other careers in mental health, anyone who wants to become an addiction counselor must receive some sort of higher education and the more advanced the degree, the better. Whether you have your bachelor's and want to earn your master's degree or don't have a college degree at all, the ramifications of not having one are great. Without a college degree such as a master's, there really isn't much opportunity for many addiction counselor positions in the state. You can earn a certificate in this field but it will be hard to receive any advanced opportunity and your salary certainly won't be competitive with those addiction counselors who have earned their master's. Instead, try to focus on the big picture instead of rushing through your education. If you want as much opportunity for yourself in the state of Arkansas, think seriously about earning your master's degree in addictive counseling. You will broaden your perception of addiction and receive additional education in your field of expertise. Upon graduating with a master's and completing your training and state exam, you will be on the fast track to success as a certified addiction counselor that some others simply can't compete with.

A Need for Arkansas

Addiction counselors are constantly in demand in the state of Arkansas. For any educated addiction therapist in the state, there are endless opportunities to work in a variety of mental health fields including in a education, hospital or outpatient therapeutic environment. As an addiction counselor in Arkansas you will be responsible for diagnosing and treating patients by providing information on the latest research and tactics used. Whether you help patients overcome addiction to marijuana, smoking, eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia, gambling, shopping or sex addictions, what you do matters to many people's lives and are worth the time it takes to become certified. You will additionally be responsible for giving referrals, intervention and group therapy environments as well as individual or family therapy. Is this the right career choice for you? Will you continue to get professional and personal satisfaction out of helping others in an addiction setting? By determine and analyzing the kind of person you are, the amount of patience and empathy you have for others and perhaps your own level of experience with addiction issues, you and only you will be able to make that decision. Due to the world's dependency on the internet, there are many addictions that have surfaced which include addiction to emails or online pornography. Now more than ever there is a need for good addiction counselors in the state of Arkansas and beyond. Do you have what it takes?

The Importance of Being Licensed

If you want to practice as an addiction counselor, there is no way to avoid having to get licensed. No matter what state you live in, every counselor must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Additionally, there are specific state laws that will set Arkansas apart from every other state in the country and you must become familiar with those to pass the exam. You also must provide a certain amount of hours in residence to become familiar with real life situations and gain the exposure and practice once you have patients of your own. Being licensed is the only way to become a addiction counselor in Arkansas and important for a rewarding career.