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Developmental Therapy

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Occupational Therapy 2/01/11

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Massage Therapy 2/12/11

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Massage Therapy By State..

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The Therapy Field

Therapist Schools

There has never been a better time to get an education in a therapy related occupation. If you like working with people and feel personally rewarded for helping out those in need, why not make a career of it?

There are many themes you can focus on as a therapist. If you like working with children, consider becoming a child or family therapist. Maybe you like helping people physically – then a career as a massage or physical therapist would be right up your alley.

Are you a good listener? Do your friends often share their personal issues and come to you for help? Put those skills to good use by getting a degree in psychotherapy or as a marital therapist.

There are so many ways you can connect with people and help others on a daily basis. Working as a therapist is a noble occupation and there are hundreds of schools across the country with programs perfectly tailored to fit your needs. Don’t wait, take a look at all the schools available to you and apply for a therapist degree today!

Occupational Therapy
Give people a sense of purpose by becoming an Occupational Therapist. These days to feel like a complete person, you need an even balance between your social life, family life and your job. Many people don’t realize how interconnected your sense of self worth is with your occupation – if you would like to learn more click here.

Family Therapy
The family dynamic is complex and people have been studying those relationships for a long time. If you like to listen and help families in need, then this could be a great career for you. Family counseling is an excellent way to help out with families in need. Learn more about what it takes to get a degree as a family therapist.

Speech Therapy
Being able to communicate with your friends and family is something most of us taken for granted. If you can’t properly articulate words, stutter or have trouble communicating clearly, you may want to see a speech therapist. There are millions of people worldwide that utilize the services of speech therapists, why not pursue a career in speech therapy and start helping today?

Behavioral Therapy
Dysfunctional kids and adults may act through excessive temper tantrums and generally have an inability to control their emotions. If you have a child that is suffering from a behavioral disorder, you know how painful it can be to watch them struggle, especially in school. These kids need help and a behavioral therapist is the perfect occupation if this is something that interests you.

Child Therapy
With many kids suffering mental and emotional difficulties, it’s no wonder that child therapists are one of the fastest growing professions in America. The last 20 years have seen an explosion in the focus that we now have on our children and our attempts to help control their behavioral issues. Working with children can be emotionally difficult, but also extremely rewarding – which is what attracts many people to get a child therapist degree.

Physical Therapy
Working hands on with people to help them recover from a surgery or an injury can be a truly enjoyable profession. Physical therapy involves working with young people as well as senior citizens to get them back on their feet after an ankle injury, restore range of motion to a shoulder following surgery or help patients that have multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.

Massage Therapy
People all over suffer minor muscle tears and injuries and need assistance from a licensed massage therapist. Additionally, there are tons of men and women who enjoy the therapeutic nature of a powerful deep tissue massage. Massage therapy can take a toll on your hands, feet, knees and joints, but the reward you get from a satisfied patient is well worth it.

Recreational Therapy
Long term illnesses can be devastating physically as well as emotionally. If you’ve ever known someone who’s suffered from a slow acting long term disease like Parkinson’s you know what an impact that makes on everyone lives that are surrounding the suffering individual. Help out families and individuals through recreational therapy and restore fun and independence back into day to day activities.

Connecting with another person on a truly deep and emotional level is something that takes years of practice. If you find yourself enjoying listening to others and helping them, consider getting a degree as a psycho therapist. The different disciplines in psycho therapy are tremendous – social work, mental health counselor, rehab counseling and psychiatric nursing among others.

Relational Therapy
We are all entitled to a strong sense of self worth and personal fulfillment. However, achieving and maintaining those feelings can often be easier said than done. Help others reach out and create lasting interpersonal relationships that are critical to our growth as human beings. Find out how to become a relational therapist today!

Educational Therapy
Our public school systems rely on the help and expertise of a number of trained professionals. One of the most critical occupations is an educational therapist. Understanding what makes children do the things they do and act is a powerful feeling and one that you can also have if you explore a career in educational therapy.

Marital Therapy
Learning how to put in the necessary effort to create and maintain a successful marriage can truly be a challenge. Many people don’t realize how tough it can be and this is a common cause for stress and failure in marriages today. Help people forge strong bonds, by finding a job as a marital therapist. Listen to other people’s problems and give advice that so many seek, it’s an outstanding career choice!

Group Therapy
To succeed and thrive in today’s world you need to know how to successfully comport yourself in group settings. Administering group therapy usually starts by bringing 4 to 20 people together in a room and seeing how each member interacts with the others. As a group therapist, your job is to take notes, give feedback and help people out so they can get achieve a sense of self worth that many others take from productive group sessions.

Addiction Therapy
Addiction is a powerful animal that can strike anyone at almost any time. If you have ever been an addict or know someone that is, you have seen what that can do to friends and family. Help others confront their demons – alcohol, prescription painkillers, drugs and many other addictions are too strong for the majority of people to fight on their own. Start a career as an addiction therapist and pull people back from the brink, learn how now!